Here we go!

I know. I really do.

You just got this blog sent to you and you’re thinking “I’ve already got about 3 dozen blogs I follow and sporadically read and I’m not sure I even like blogs in the first place and oh my gosh why am I still reading this?”

In the next couple of minutes you’ll feel just the slightest bit more excited about teaching. Fair enough?

Hi, we’re Lystnr!

If you’re a good teacher you know that great learning doesn’t often come from high and mighty podium pontification. You know it’s about creating environments and scenarios where students feel comfortable asking and responding to questions that drive critical thought-driven discussions and lead to learning zen!

We’re teachers and we know those moments don’t happen nearly as often as we’d all like them to. We want to increase the frequency…and we’re confident that we can.

Very soon we’ll be releasing the beta version of Lystnr, a web-based app that allows you to engage with students in question-based discussion and measure learning in real-time.

If that sounds even remotely interesting to you, like to the point where you’d actually sign up to beta test Lystnr and let us know how you like it, click the button below. We’ll give you access and more details as soon as we’re ready to go.

In the meantime, there are 2 things you can expect from this blog:

First, we’ll keep you up to date with Lystnr and share more about who we are and why we created it in the first place.

Second, we’re teachers and that means we’re on a journey, constantly looking for ways to enhance learning environments. Simply put, we want to be better teachers. So, we’ll use this blog to share all the cool, relevant, innovative, and motivational stuff that we find and come up with. Sound good?

Start Lystning


Author: Shawn Jensen

I'm a trainer, a teacher, a coach, an artist, a Lego enthusiast, a wanna-be guitarist and I love being part of learning.

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