Learning Can Happen Anywhere

Tonight, I was waiting for my pickup order at the Dinosaur BBQ and I saw learning happen in its purest form…over a ridiculously good-looking and large plate of beef briskets.

I didn’t know them. I didn’t even hear what they said. I just watched the learning moment happen from about 10 feet away and enjoyed the simplicity of it.

One guy picked up a bottle of BBQ sauce and looked it over. The other, amid of bite of brisket, noticed what the other was doing, quickly picked up a second bottle of a different variety of sauce and showed it to his friend.

And here’s where it got really good…the learning I mean.

The second guy began pointing at what appeared to be the ingredient label of the first bottle and explained or maybe described something about it. Then, he pointed at the bottle he was holding and did the same thing, with a notable enhancement to his excitement.

The other looked intrigued and watched intently as his friend, the teacher, undoubtedly extolled the mysteries of the sweet and sassy savoriness of the second bottle of BBQ sauce. The learner began nodding his head and slowly set the first, now less worthy bottle of sauce back in the cardboard carton it came from. He took the superior bottle from his friend, untwisted the cap and definitively drowned his pulled pork in the thick, flavorful liquid. Atta boy!

Like I said, I didn’t hear any of the actual “verbal” conversation…it’s what I saw with my eyes:

Clear Experience

The teacher clearly knew about the subject and was able to point out specific details and why they mattered to the learner.

Solid Relationship

These two were buddies. The learner trusted the teacher’s experience because of their obvious connection, and acted on it.

Irresistible Passion

Without hearing a single word I still know the teacher loves BBQ sauce because his hands and face said so. Passion transcends words.

Experience + Relationship + Passion = Learning

Time for some brisket!

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Author: Shawn Jensen

I'm a trainer, a teacher, a coach, an artist, a Lego enthusiast, a wanna-be guitarist and I love being part of learning.

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