Focus on Better, not Easier

Google Search-Making teaching easier02

Fun. Interesting. Easier…top 3 search results.

How about better?

To be fair, seeking for fun, interesting, or easier might get you to better. Might. But usually not.

Focus on better, not easier.

Strive for skills, tools, concepts, methodologies, strategies, motivations, and ideas that are intentionally designed to make you better at what you do. Usually, these don’t come with an “easy” label.

Skills demand action. Strategies require application. Tools have to be tested. All require work and aren’t inherently easy.

The reward is: Better

Better insight, better listening, better technique, better execution.

Focus on better, and the rest (fun, interesting, engaging, inspirational, easier, etc.) happens on its own.

Lystnr helps teachers and trainers create quality, open communication with learners through technology.



Author: Shawn Jensen

I'm a trainer, a teacher, a coach, an artist, a Lego enthusiast, a wanna-be guitarist and I love being part of learning.

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